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Five Point Horse Training - Open Spots

Goodland, Kansas
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We have room....

Goodland, Kansas




Halter breaking:

$500 30 days


Tune Ups: Minimum of 2 weeks 

$20 a ride 


Colt Starting: minimum of 60 days

- 30 days $1000 flat rate 



Superior training that starts with a foundation on the ground, developing a lifelong partnership. Horse training must be done with clear communication without fear. Blair employs a combination of leadership, trust, and respect. Each horse is different and reacts differently to pressure. Horses learn by the release of pressure and that takes feel and timing. Starting with a firm foundation of groundwork (progressing through saddle work), maintaining good communication with the horse throughout the process, and gaining respect and trust through gentle yet firm re-enforcement of graduated lessons are the techniques used. These techniques are also communicated to the owner so the lessons learned by the horse can be maintained. Sending your colts and fillies to Blair assures a positive outcome for both horse and owner. Gentle hands, voice, and touch are always used. Letting the horse decide the better choice by simply showing them what we want and waiting on them for the response. Using feel to ride the horse is a must, progresses as the horse is ready, and listening and adapting to how the horse responds to humans. Liberty training is the basis of all training.


Trailering, arena work, down the road, long trail rides, mountainous area. Average in a week horse get about 150 miles

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