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A Premium Comfort Adjustable Mattress

Quality, and Technology

​​The Ultra-Plush Comfort Q8 features our advanced top cover with a winter side designed to sleep warmer for chilly winter months and a summer side with smart fabric that keeps you cooler during warmer seasons. The Ultra-Plush Comfort Q8 includes a layer of gel-infused visco-elastic foam,  a layer of innovative evolution foam for increased comfort, and contouring above the dual air chambers. Below the air chambers is three inches of support that ensures the overall integrity of all bedding components and overall body support. The state-of-the-art control system  measures pressure on the standard medical mm/Hg scale for 45 accurate settings from 5 to 50.  The touch screen remote control or the Instant Comfort® app makes it simple to set individual comfort levels on each side of the bed so you and your partner can customize your sleep experience.  Unique to Instant Comfort® beds is the zippered pillow-top covers that are completely removable making it easy to clean and easy to access the interchangeable comfort components. This is one our best beds that offers maximum comfort combined with the adjustable air-chamber technology for the ultimate sleep experience.

See What Makes the Q8 Better Than the Competition

The Ultra-Plush Comfort Q8 is an amazing bed that is made with high-quality materials all carefully combined with state-of-the-art air adjustable technology and expert mattress construction.  Backed by over 40 years of mattress manufacturing craftsmanship, every component of the Ultra-Plush Comfort Q8 is precisely engineered right down to the last stitch on the foam-filled quilted top.

  1. Reversible Pillow Top with Cooling Technology
  2. Fire Barrier (integrated into top panel)
  3. Reversible Quilted Top Panel with Bamboo fabric
  4. Ventilated Gel- Infused Visco Elastic Foam
  5. Reversible Foam Comfort Layer
  6. Duvet-Style Center Panel
  7. 24 Gauge Anti-Microbial Vulcanized Rubber Air Chambers
  8. Support Foam
  9. Wrapped Foam Head, Foot, & Side Rails
  10. Zippered Bottom Cover

Total Height: 13 Inches

All components are replaceable and upgradable.  Items 1 – 3 are a single component.

Queen Size mattress and Adjustable base with massage just $3999 Retail $5798.99

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