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1998 Dodge RAM 1500 4x4 - TONS of work done - $2,700

Downs, Kansas
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I have had this pickup for 6 years and put less than 30,000 miles on it.  I have done A TON of work to this thing over the last 6 years.  I had every intention of keeping it, but the cruise quit, and it sounds like it won't be a cheap fix (according to the Dodge dealership), so I decided to get another pickup.  Supposedly, there is a company in Florida that will rebuild the PCM for under $250.  This should fix the cruise, but the wife says this pickup has to go.  This pickup has about 226,000 miles on it, but will go up some as we do drive it.  The dash is surprise.  The 5.9L engine runs like a champ...smooth as silk.  She ain't "best of show" winner, but mechanically, I doubt you'll find one better for the year and miles.

AC blows cold.  Front end is tight and solid. 

Leather interior and loaded with options.  17 inch RAM rims.  This pickup is supposed to have 16 inch rims, but a previous owner put 17's on from a newer RAM.    Any questions, ask, and I'll try to get back with you ASAP.  First one with the money wins. 

Here is a lot of the work I have done to this pickup:

11-29-2013 - Radiator, Hose kit, Rotor, "trailering" brake pads, Idler Pully, Rebuilt Water Pump (later replaced with a brand new one), water pump tube - $759.70

12-2-2013 - Cooper Discoverer ST Max tires $1,083.05 (they should probably be replaced before this winter!)  :) 

12-11-2013 - Serpentine belt - $46 - I kept the old one for a spare

1-23-2014 - Replace right side mirror (also done later, as this one was junk), new pair of tailgate cables - $81.09

3-13-2014 - Replace Steering Shock and track bar, service, etc - $350.20

4-10-2014 - Replace drivers side door (see trim on that door only) - deer ran into me - $344.48

4-26-2014 - New transmission filter, solenoid valve - $288.87

5-14-2014 - Replace Kickdown cable - $66.55

7-2-2014 - Replace headlights and lenses with new - $86.15 plus labor

7-16-2014 - New windshield - $180.00

7-24-2014 - Right outer tie rod end, labor, set toe - $142.51

11-10-2014 - Replace gasket around timing cover - $520.01

3-24-2015 - Rebuild rear end, power steering flush, etc - $1,120.46

4-7-2015 - Upper and lower ball joints, and front end alignment - $581.28

6-22-2015 - Reverse switch (for back up lights), labor, etc - $265.05

8-24-2015 - Fan clutch plus labor - $287.01

6-22-2016 - Evap core (under dash, went bad), Heater core (why not, while they were in there) labor, etc - $559.06

9-30-2017 - Drivers side bottom seat cover -  $138.75

These are not all my receipts, and I didn't include a lot of them.  Oil has been changed every 3,000 miles pretty much on the dot.


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